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jason on 08/28/2009 at 03:45PM

"In Detroit, People Dance to This"

Pink Noise new lineup. L-->R = Shub, Mark, Brett

By some accounts, The Pink Noise's NY-area debut last March was a disaster. There was a lot of anticipation as Mark Sauner -- the guy behind a series of weird punk releases that garnered comparisons to Chrome and Suicide -- took the stage at The Shank in Brooklyn, joined by an even more mysterious new bandmate from Detroit. This unknown guitar-wielding frontman stumbled towards the microphone and shook out some chords, while Mark sat in the shadows of a drumset on limp accompaniment.

A few minutes passed and it was never quite clear whether the set had started, because this punk slop was nothing like the cheap-synth/drum-machine warble of Pink Noise's recorded output. Even for those who'd never heard of the Pink Noise, this set stuck out like a sore thumb in a show that was basically a synth-wave showcase, expertly curated by WNYU's Make The Product, with Gary War, Silk Flowers, Blank Dogs and Naked On The Vague. Though the Pink Noise set lacked a sonic veil of mystery, theirs was by far the most confusing set of the night. Had the set even started? "What's wrong with you New York motherfuckers?" the frontman asked the blank audience. "In detroit, people dance to this shit!". Had they come all this way just to mock us? Before we even had a chance to find out, a security guard brought the performance to an abrupt halt. Which was a shame. Mark had come all the way from Toronto by way of Detroit to woodshed with his bandmate (who I later learned was Justin from the pretty awesome sounding High Speed Dubbing). This may not have been what anybody was expecting to hear, but it was their performance for the night, and an intriguing one at that.

Mark had since relocated to Montreal, where he met up with Shub Roy of Grand Trine and Brett Wagg of Ultrathin (who also runs the Campaign for Infinity cassette label). This 3-piece version of The Pink Noise visited NYC earlier this summer, and played a great live set on Brian Turner's show that you can listen to here. The track below is from The Pink Noise's new Gilded Flowers cassette on Campaign for Infinity. Also keep an eye out for rare Pink Noise tapes from Bennifer Editions, Jerkwave Tapes, and 7''s & LP's on Almost Ready Records and Sacred Bones. The newest LP, Graffiti Youth, was just released by Kill Shaman.



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