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Hello listener and hopefully friend of WFMU. 

One or two of you will win a CD version of this mix during Meghan's Underwater Theme Park Marathon shows in Feb/March of 2014.  That you will have pledged money to win a CD with music already available here on the FMA speaks to your generous and kind nature as well as the sheer implausibility of all things WFMU - on a certain level a station predicated solely on the generosity (spiritual and monetary) of its listeners shouldn't work.  And yet WFMU is still chugging along more than 50 years after it all began.  Underwater Theme Park is a weekly show hosted by Meghan on Thursday's 6a-9a ET on the stream - each week's show follows a theme such as songs with "STOP" in the title or songs about HUMANS or - well you should check it out in the FMU archives when you have time - it's always outstanding.


You can pledge specifically to Meghan's show by clicking the link specifically at the top of THIS page:


You can pledge to the station in general or to any number of shows (such as the ones that have songs on this mix here:


As the track list indicates, the theme of this mix is songs that contain “Free” in the title – with one special exception.  As I developed this track list searching “Free” in the FMA, I noticed in the track “21st Century of a Schizoid World” and like any good prog-head was intrigued.  Jogging my memory a bit I recalled the story of the Free Keys an Iranian rock band based in Brooklyn, a member of whom died along with two members of fellow Iranian rock group Yellow Dogs in a murder/suicide in 2013.  Truly a heartbreaking story as they fled Iran to come to American to make and play the music they wanted to freely only to endure such a nightmare.  The performance on this CD is from a 2012 appearance on Meghan’s show – a performance that I had never happened upon until putting this CD together.  It’s truly magical and powerful and I knew it had to be on this CD.  I also knew that I had to dedicate this CD to the memory of those lost in that tragedy.


There are many staples that may be familiar to a fan of WFMU on this CD – a number of great live performances on WFMU that are now part of the FMA.  In addition Meghan’s show there are live tracks from guest appearances on Keili’s, Julie’s, Terre T’s, Deed Runlea’s and Irene Trudel’s shows.  FMU favorites Kurt Vile and R. Stevie Moore appear and I’ve even put a small tribute to WFMU’s favorite squirrel with the amazing “Free Bird” take-off “Free Squirrel”.  A wide variety of styles are represented as well – putting this together was made much easier by the fact that pretty much every track I pulled up on the FMA was “boom – this needs to be included!” – a lot of hidden gold was mined like underground MC 13aD LucK, Ringwood’s Armageddon Gospel Revival, Indonesian experimental artist Bottlesmoker, and Cincinnati’s The Spectacular Fantastic.  I hope that enjoy listening to CD as much as I’ve had putting it together. 


Long Live Freeform!!!!   FREE RULES!


-Danne D



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